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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls is one of the longest running computer role playing games out there, and the Elder Scrolls Online has been one of the most anticipated MMORPGs to come to the market in years. For those players who aren’t sure whether or not they want to check out the latest game in the series, there are some compelling reasons why it isn’t one to be missed.

1. The Personal Arc

The Elder Scrolls is known for all of the attention it pays to the individual plot. While the upcoming game is an MMO, there is a lot of talk about how much of the character’s personal story and plot it’s going to focus on. Regardless of the sex, race, and class the player ends up choosing, the game is going to make sure that everyone who sets foot into the world is going to feel like a real hero.

2. The Familiarity of Tamriel

In addition to the attention every, individual player’s character receives, the world of Tamriel has made its mark on the fan base’s hearts. For those wishing to brush up on the ins and outs of Tamriel, this site can be a good place to start reading. The world has been explored in books, and in a slew of games that have been released over the the years, which means that a lot of players are eager to get back into the world and start playing in a familiar sandbox. With a huge amount of lore, familiar creatures, and a shared history that players both new and old can enjoy, the Elder Scrolls Online is holding tightly to its roots.

3. Player Versus Player

While not all players enjoy player versus player action, those who do will find there’s an entire province in the Elder Scrolls Online that’s dedicated explicitly to players who want to fight other players. With networks of caves, fields that stretch away to the horizon, and with huge ruins and battlements to battle upon, there’s a huge opportunity for a truly unique experience.

There are two draws to number three. The first is that most games simply won’t allow a player versus player aspect, which a lot of players find restrictive, and far from realistic. Given the size of the arena that’s being used in the Elder Scrolls Online though, it’s possible to have massive player versus player battles on a scale that would be impossible in practically any other game that’s been made up until this point in time.

4. New and Unique Classes

According to Esoclassguides.com , Elder Scrolls games in the past have had a very open character creation system that’s had an option class choice, but it’s been more focused on skill use. The more a character uses a skill, the more that skill grows. The Elder Scrolls Online will have a slightly more restrictive class system, but the game is making sure that nothing is gear-based. There are no classes that focus on wearing one kind of armor over another, or using a certain type of weapon over another. That said, while this system might be different from what’s been done in the past, it’s definitely broader than what most other MMORPGs do with their characters.

5. Dynamic Combat

Unlike many RPGs, the Elder Scrolls Online will use dynamic combat. This system takes into account everything from facing and swing position to fast-twitch reflexes and weapon style. This system has its disadvantages, but for those who enjoy a challenge and a more realistic style of combat, this method can be very thoroughly enjoyable and engaging. Even better though, it means that players with skill, or with experience points, can both participate in fun and meaningful ways to keep the blood pounding good and hard.

The Elder Scrolls Online is, in many ways, the next step in the game’s evolution. People are discussing in the forum that the game is going to get better rather than tossing the classic elements that won the hearts of so many players. By keeping the core of what makes the Elder Scrolls so much fun, and adding a new level of fun and technological beauty, Elder Scrolls Online should be the best game yet.

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