Posted June 17, 2011 by GamerSciz in PC

Battlefield 3 Ultra High Res Screens

Battlefield 3 – Limited Edition is a game that is on everyone’s mind making us gamers think, “how real can it get?”. Well recently DICE released some more in-game screenshots at ultra high resolution just to prove to us how real this game can look. It has been confirmed by EA that these are in fact in-game screenshots taken from the E3 trailer and the Paris multiplayer level. So this confirms that not only are these screenshots looking amazing in the single-player but multiplayer is graphically identical. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game for the PC. Don’t forget though, Battlefield 3 comes out for PC, 360, and PS3. Last night on Jimmy Fallon we caught the first glimpse at PS3 graphics and for a console game it is coming along nicely. Without further ado, check out the screenshots below.


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