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Be the Rider: Will MotoGP 13 be the Most Realistic Motorcycle Sim Ever?

Wind-whipped and racing at exorbitant speeds, you ride your motorcycle around the corner of the track clinging to the throttle. The turns are so severe your elbow is mere inches from the asphalt. And the engine sustains a relentless roar. This realistic racing experience is what developer Milestone Studio aspires to achieve in its newest game, “MotoGP 13.” The goal is to give players an authentic experience — as if the gamer would be behind the visor of a real MotoGP racer.

“There’s one main concept which we wanted to carry throughout the whole game, a simple concept, but a very important one,” game director, Michele Caletti stated, “’be the rider.’”


For the latest gaming incarnation of “MotoGP,” Milestone developed a new engine, enhanced graphics and improved the physics, environmental models and bike handling, according to Computer and Video Games (.com). This motorcycle simulation is the official video game of the “MotoGP,” “Moto2” and “Moto3 2013,” and the developers have stayed true to the inception with photorealistic graphics and a TV-style interface.

Fans have much to look forward to: official riders, motorcycles, tracks, and teams will be included. In addition, a MotoGP personality (who has yet to be revealed) will provide official commentary, according to Now Gamer.

Game Mode

Here are the following six different game modes, according to Gaming Bolt.

  • Career mode: Construct your very own racing career following a trajectory of success from your first rookie race to the MotoGP World Championship. Before races, players can customize their riders with motorcycle accessories and the elements of career mode. With the help of your personal manager, you’ll gain constructive performance feedback and be assigned objectives. Unlock new teams and deals as your reputation grows.
  • Grand Prix mode: Choose your rider and team, select a track and get racing. Options for customization are many from controlling AI difficulty of challengers to specific weather conditions.
  • World championship mode: Race to become the champion by completing the MotoGP 2013 World Championship in “Moto3,” “Moto2” or “MotoGP.” Extensive customization allows the player to select sections of the championship, the tracks and the order in which you want to complete the tracks.
  • Online multiplayer mode: Challenge friends online in the Grand Prix or World Championship modes.
  • Time attack mode: This classic mode lets the player race against time. Players can also adjust bike settings and partake in performance-enhancing technical meetings.
  • Real in-game events mode: Further tying the game to the 2013 MotoGP season, a constantly online-updated feed of events inspired by the actual races.

Point of View

  • Third person: As the default-riding viewpoint, the third-person perspective is fixed behind and above the rider as most seasoned racing gamers are used to. The “camera” lightly shakes and the sounds of rushing wind add to the authenticity.
  • Cockpit: The cockpit viewpoint is similar to a first-person POV with the camera directly in front of the rider.
  • Helmet: The helmet view allows the player to experience the game as the motorcycle racers would be. See the track through the rider’s eyes for an authentically satisfying racing challenge.

“MotoGP 13” is due for release in June. Amazon.com states the list price as $29.99 for digital download. It will also be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360.

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