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E3 2013 Press Conference Recaps/Reviews

This year’s E3 is said to be one of the biggest E3’s in a long time. That seems to be the case considering it’s another new generation of consoles being announced along with a bunch of new technology and games of course. Not to mention things were different since EA and Ubisoft have now joined in being a part of the main keynote press conferences and this year for the first time in a while, Nintendo sat this one out. They still had the Nintendo Direct but not an official full press conference. Either way, below you will find recaps of each of the main conferences as well as links to videos showcasing each highlighted point. Enjoy!


What was shown/talked about:

  • Metal Gear Solid V – looks amazing
  • Xbox 360 mini announced – built to look similar to Xbox One
  • World of Tanks coming to 360 exclusively – a bit underwhelming
  • Two free games for XBL Gold members from July 1 – release of XBone – good news/incentive to buy XBL gold
  • RYSE: Son of Rome from Crytek – looks good but QTE fighting is questionable
  • Killer Instinct – you get one character free
  • Sunset Overdrive (from Ted Price and Insomniac) – could be a big hit but we need to see gameplay
  • Forza 5 – (announced “Driveatar”, a personal AI that is always learning your race style) – sounds intriguing but requires internet to play
  • Minecraft coming to XBL – bound to happen at some point
  • Exclusive game “Quantum Break” – showed impressive real-time demo but let’s see gameplay, still interested though
  • D4 announced from Microsoft Studios – episodic murder mystery game; not much info given
  • Project Spark announced – very interesting concept similar to that of LBP but more open world 3D based
  • Dead Rising 3 announced showcasing some impressive gameplay – this could be a huge hit for Xbox One
  • Battlefield 4 showcased on Xbox One – minus a small hiccup the game looks fantastic
  • TitanFall was showcased and played to end the show – this looks good but feels a lot like Hawken

Overall the Microsoft Press Conference gets a 6/10 from me. It showed some impressive gameplay, some neat new features from the Xbox One and some enticing exlcusives but nothing that looks to be a system seller. The odd thing was that Kinect is being packaged with the XBone however not a single Kinect game was announced during the conference. Perhaps that was a good move in comparison to E3 2012 where Kinect was the star. Another downside was a price point of $500 and all the DRM restrictions and always online being confirmed. It’s not looking good for MS.


What was shown/talked about:

  • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare was announced and then gameplay was shown right after – a great mashup between two popular games
  • Titanfall (Hawken like clone) was shown in full force – looks like Hawken but could be fun, would like to get some hands-on
  • Star Wars Battlefront was announced –  just a CGI trailer but the crowd was pleased
  • Need for Speed Rivals trailer and gameplay – this franchise needs this game to do well, hopefully it is fun to play
  • Need for Speed Movie announced – Fast and Furious much? Meh looks action packed but don’t expect a story
  • Dragon Age Inquisition announced – bringing Dragon Age online as an open world RPG
  • EA Sports Ignite showcases NBA Live 14 and Madden 25, Fifa 14 and UFC – they all look good graphically and physics wise
  • Battlefield 4 was showcased with 64 people on stage playing a live multiplayer match – the graphics are good but not polished but people were playing with consoles controllers and mouse/keyboard so it supports controllers apparently
  • Ended on a high note announcing Mirrors Edge 2 – powered by Frostbite 3 instead of it’s predecessor which was powered by Unreal Engine 3

EA’s conference set out to showcase what EA is all about in this next-gen. That is, good high quality graphics/physics, and fun entertaining games. I feel like they brought enough to the table as a company that will hopefully help make people start to forgive EA for it’s past wrong doings and once again support it for next-gen. Overall EA’s conference gets an 8.5/10.


What was shown/talked about:

  •  Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains showed off “Session Mode” and announced Rocksmith 2014 – looks like it could be a welcomed feature to a franchise that needs a boost
  • Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist showcased – coming to current gen but still looks good
  • Rayman Legends shown – will be available for Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360 – this game is going to be fun and entertaining like most the past Rayman games
  • The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot announced – Free to Play game with a lot of potential and some fun humor
  • South Park Stick of Truth – not much said but it’s coming to current gen consoles and will probably be fun to play
  • The Crew announced – a new racing game that looks like a DriveClub/NFS Underground/Burnout mix; intriguing idea and looking forward to hearing more
  • Watch Dogs gameplay shown – this is Ubisoft’s flagship new IP and it’s looking awesome graphically and gameplay wise; want a hands on so bad
  • Just Dance 2014 announced for all current and next gen platforms – not my cup of tea but it does well in sales and has a decent following
  • Rabbids Invasion announced – an interactive TV show; this could be interesting but not for the hardcore at all
  • Assassins Creed IV Black Flag trailer shown and live gameplay on stage – it’s Assassins Creed and it looks like fun; ’nuff said
  • Tom Clancys The Division announced – an MMO RPG Rainbow Six reboot basically; looks like it could be fun and graphically it’s impressive

Ubisoft didn’t have a TON of games to show but the ones they did show are definitely their flagship titles including Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed. It’s also nice to see a new Tom Clancy game go the route of an MMO RPG 3rd person shooter and have your friends join in. Not to mention The Crew has a ton of potential but only time will tell. Overall Ubisoft did a good job showcasing what they have to offer and I give them an 8/10.


  •  Talked about Vita announcing new games and remakes – exciting news for those with a Vita; KZ Mercenary looks to be the first killer FPS for a handheld device
  • The Last of Us trailer shown – not much has to be said about this GOTY candidate; I get mine midnight thursday and will livestream when I get home stay tuned for more info on that
  • Puppeteer trailer – looks like it’s going to cater to those who enjoyed LBP
  • Rain trailer – very different kind of platforming game where Rain is key; has some potential
  • Beyond Two Souls gameplay shown – Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, spirits and good graphics; one to keep an eye on
  • Gran Turismo 6 trailer shown – it’s coming to PS3 and possibly PS4 (no official announcement yet); subtle improvements over it’s predecessor
  • Batman Arkham Origins exclusive content – Nightfall and 60’s Adam West Batman skin; can’t beat Adam West ’nuff said
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 bundle announced with PS3 for $300 – if you still don’t have a PS3 Sept 17th is the time to get one with GTA5
  • Playstation 4 console FINALLY revealed – small, sleek, semi-boxy and quite shiny; overall looks pretty good but not outstanding
  • Redbox and Flixster partnerships announced – they talked about movies/tv shows for all of 5min; good job presenting the entertainment factor of PS4
  • The Order announced – don’t know much about it but looks interesting and coming exclusively to PS4; created by Ready at Dawn
  • Killzone Shadowfall gameplay shown – it looks good but could still use some polishing in motion; launch title that could be a system seller
  • DriveClub trailer from Evolution Studios – game looks great, has a neat community concept; excited to get hands on and learn more (“aiming” to be a launch title)
  • inFamous Second Son gameplay shown – this probably stole the show as the game looks great and probably plays just as well; facial animations are truly next-gen quality and it got a release date of June 1, 2014
  • Knack gameplay shown – could be a fun platformer but a demo for hands on would be nice
  • Quantic Dream Tech demo shown – not much to say except the graphics and animations were beyond unreal and the extended trailer showed even more particle effects then one could imagine; running on PS4 in real-time
  • A BUNCH of indie games announced showing that PS4 is very friendly to the indie developers; some of these look to be tons of fun
  • Square Enix shows Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XV – both looked like Square is coming back to it’s roots in a good way with action based gameplay; keep on eye on these as graphically they are quite impressive
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 announced – it’s a great franchise and the crowd seemed pleased to confirm it’s announcement
  • More Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed IV shown – both look good ’nuff said
  • Lebron introduced NBA 2K 14 with an impressive tech demo of him talking to his game character
  • Elder Scrolls online announced and the beta will be a timed exclusive for PS4 – finally you can play Elder Scrolls with friends…
  • Mad Max trailer – CGI trailer; nothing special but let’s wait to see more as I do love the Mad Max movies
  • Jack Tretton confirms PS4 supports used games, Don’t always need to be connected to play or check in periodically when playing offline, PS Plus membership carries from PS3 to PS4 and will be required to play online on PS4
  • Bungie shows off Destiny gameplay live and it looks great – Bungie crossed over from being a MS exclusive and is bringing Destiny to next-gen consoles; keep an eye on this as it will be a hit
  • PS4 price announced at $399 – a full $100 cheaper then Xbox One and without all the restrictions; this is what the gamers wanted

Sony made a mistake by pricing the PS3 high at launch and then trying to push 3D and the PS Move later on in the lifecycle. With PS4 they didn’t talk about PS Move or 3D although they will both probably still be relevant. Instead Sony showed games, exclusives and multiplatform, showed their support for indie developers and proved that they are listening to the gaming community and giving them what they want. Overall Sony stole the show and gets a 9.5/10.

*We purposely left out Nintendo as it wasn’t a full keynote/press conference and is in a league of it’s own at this point. However if you want to watch it in full you can find the presentation below in full high definition.

Also not all of the trailers from E3 were linked here but we put them into a playlist for easy access. Be sure to check it out below and it is still being updated as we speak.

*Note: I will be picking up The Last of Us at midnight at my local gamestop. After calling I was told that at my gamestop the actors for Joel and Ellie will be there as well as the creative director and some developers. I do after all live in LA. If that is the case I will make another post with pictures to follow. Below you can find the link to my live event currently slated for 12:45am PST in which I will be streaming The Last of Us live on youtube with live commentary. Please be sure to check it out and subscribe to my youtube if you like it. Thanks!

The Last of Us Live Stream Event


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