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Elder Scrolls Online – What to Expect?


The market of MMO games is full of different projects but in my opinion Elder Scrolls Online is the most interesting one. Though the game is still under development it has many awards including “The Most Anticipated MMO of 2013” by MMORPG.com. I’d like to introduce this game to GamerSciz readers. I am planning to write several articles here at GamerSciz.com to give you more information about this awesome game. So let’s start.

Elder Scrolls Online attracts attention of many players from different parts of the world. That’s because Bethesda and ZeniMax are trying to create a MMO version of a very famous RPG series – The Elder Scrolls. I am sure you heard about TES. The first Elder Scrolls game was released in 1994 and the series is still alive. It has a lot of fans all over the word and that’s why the upcoming MMO version – ESO – is being discussed on every gaming forum.

Familiar Game Universe

Still playing Skyrim? Then you will definitely like ESO.

The most attractive feature of the game is that developers want to create a MMO using the world from single player Elder Scrolls games. The major difference will be the size of territories available for exploration. Each game from single player TES series took part in one of several provinces in Tamriel. For example all action in The Elder Scrolls III took part in Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV was in Cyrodiil and so on. But Elder Scrolls Online covers the whole continent! You will be able to visit all familiar provinces and places including White Gold Tower in the capital of Cyrodiil. Some NPC models for ESO are also taken from single player TES games, for example giants and mammoths.  All quests and events are connected with TES lore. Game developers are trying to create a game for both single player TES fans and huge MMO crowd.

Alliance versus Alliance war

It is impossible to imagine a MMO without PvP. TES online will also have player versus player fights. Cyrodiil is special territory where all PvP action takes place. PvP in the game is not just for entertainment, it is built in general quest line and lore. The player belongs to one of three factions that fight against each other to take control over the Imperial City. If your faction wins Alliance War you can challenge the strongest boss in the game.

Though ESO is still under development, the gaming community is already divided into two groups: the first group believes that ESO will fail because TES universe is not for MMO world. The second group believes that the game will be great. I do not belong to any group. I think it is too early to talk about it. ESO is in closed beta now and we have only several beta leaks that show some combat and world in general. When I see something like: “It will fail. Just watch the beta leaked video” I usually smile. Beta leaks do not show anything valuable. Yes, you can see starting zones there and some enemies and player inventory,  but you can not feel the atmosphere of the game. I advise you to wait until open beta starts. You will be able to test the game and estimate it according to your real experience and feelings.

Ivan Bondarenko