Posted June 25, 2012 by GamerSciz in PC

Gamers Want “The Last of Us” To Be On PC

After keeping up with the news of “The Last of Us”, I came across a website that had a comment stating that PC gamers want the game to come to PC’s. Apparently they went one step further and created a petition. I for one had no idea PC gamers were that enticed to wanting to get this game onto a PC. So far the petition hasn’t been signed much but that is probably due to the fact that it just hasn’t been known. Naughty Dog is strictly a console (PS3) developer so I don’t see it happening but it is an interesting thought to have an awesome game such as this on PC with high-end graphics and processing capabilities. If anything, we as gamers should only hope that games of this caliber will be able to utilize next-gen hardware once it gets here. That is, next-gen consoles and PC’s (processors and graphics cards alike). The question is, do you want The Last of Us on PC? If you are a PC only gamer (which I question why haven’t you bought at least one console…) then you better want this game as it is taking gameplay to a new element.



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