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Have A Superb Gaming Experience with Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS has set its breakthrough that involves excitements of millions of game fanatics. This innovative ultramodern technology of 3D that has immensely contributed towards science fiction movies now has found its way to the video games through Nintendo 3DS. This Nintendo 3DS would come out with never-before experienced 3D graphics of a typical handheld console.


The development of this 3DS technology with the Nintendo games has taken place in Nintendo 3DS UK Company that comprises with the latest innovations of this hand held gaming experience. Going through this post will definitely lead you with lots of excitement and fun that one meets while playing through these devices. Let us have a look on that:

ü  Exciting features of Nintendo 3DS:

The Nintendo 3DS could be more exciting when it comes to enjoy the favourite games with the graphics that feels like it would leap out of the screen without being using 3D glasses. This typical game could be enjoyed with everyone despite of having 3D glasses. This Nintendo 3DS is being equipped with the couple of outer cameras which makes the images clearly visible and that too have a feeling of larger-than-life.

ü  Highly Crispy Image Quality:

The Nintendo 3DS expels out 800X240 pixels through the widescreen top while 320X240 pixels are being projected from the LCD touch screen below.  The top display has being designed to project up to 400 pixels for each eye that delivers 3D effect. Also, the Nintendo 3DS has the capacity for rendering the images up to about 16 million colours to get best quality of gaming experience with an accurate precision and vibrancies.

ü  The Analogue Pad:

Nintendo puts up on new face when it comes to different controls while featuring the Circle Pad, which is popularly known as Analogue Pad. This could be seen at the extreme left side of the controls above the D-pad. This could help you in exploring more areas of the game, still having the convenience of the exact up-down navigation that is met through classic D-pad.

ü  Switching Over from DS to 3DS:


Along with enjoying new range of 3D games which has been specially designed for Nintendo 3DS, one can also enjoy the games particularly coming up to the Nintendo DS. The Depth Slider that is found on the right side of the screen could be adjusted up to the level so that one can switch between 2D traditional games as well as the classic 3D games. Thus, one can enjoy both the games on a single device without any hassle.

ü  Connecting with other 3DS Players:

Another major factor that contributes to make Nintendo 3DS more popular among game players is called StreetPass through which one can choose sharing of the game data. This includes your scores as well as customized characters during the Sleep mode. Besides that, there is SpotPass feature that allows one to download free software from the Nintendo and thus allows playing along with other Nintendo 3DS gamers all round the world while connecting through Nintendo 3DS Wi-Fi connection.

Thus, this Nintendo 3DS is the latest innovation that could help various players to be part of this game. Along with enjoying latest 3D games, the players could play their 2D favourite games too in the same device. Along with that one can easily access the latest news from the same device through the most compatible internet connection.

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