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How to Fix Crashing at Boat Scene in Black Ops 2

While there have been many posts and suggestions such as “get the latest Nvidia drivers” (only Nvidia card users seem to be affected by the crash), or “try and turn down your graphics a ton just to get past”. None of those options worked for me or many others. However, the one thing that did seem to fix it indefintely I found within a post on Treyarch’s site itself. Someone suggested that using MSI Afterburner, a graphics card mod that allows you to OC your card and make some other changes, to turn down your core clock speed by 100mhz. I was skeptical to say the least as that is very specific and completely random that it would work but I figured I would give it a shot. Well what do you know, turning down the core clock speed did in fact work and according to the Treyarch Post it seems to be working for others too. Below you can find instructions and download links on how to conduct this fix.

  • First download MSI Afterburner
  • On the main tool screen go to the “Core Clock” bar and drag it to the left to make it 100mhz less then what it defaults to.
  • You will then hit “Apply” and that’s it.

Once this is done you can exit MSI Afterburner and once again try to begin and finish Mission 2. This has worked for me and many others but there’s no guarantee it will work for everyone. Be that as it may I wish you luck and after Mission 2 it has been said you can put your graphics card back to the default core clock speed.

Stay tuned to Gamersciz as we will have our own Black Ops 2 review coming soon (now that we can complete the campaign).

*Note: This is specific to the PC version of Black Ops 2 running Nvidia cards (mainly 500 series and above). If you have other issues check out the article below for fixes and suggestions.




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