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HULK SMASH! Keeping Your Cool & Composure at Your Next Gaming Convention

Gaming conventions are awesome! I mean, you get to go to what’s basically a sort of Disneyland for the gaming fan world and spend as much time as you want checking out the coolest, newest and weirdest games, consoles and a whole assortment of other technologies and toys that make playing online or offline so totally enthralling.

This is why you and hundreds of thousands of other game fans all head to one of the numerous conventions all over the country every year and spend both time and money making sure you can attend.

This is also where the problems begin.

Because you’re just one out of thousands of other gamers and fans, you’re one of thousands of others crowding into every nook and cranny of any game convention worth its name… And this can get really, really annoying sometimes for all the problems it leads to:

Long lines for everything from the disappointing food to the bathrooms (which are filthy by the afternoon thanks to those same crowds); having to squeeze like cattle for a chance to see or try anything cool like some new game or console, or overpriced knickknacks, snacks and even hotel space outside the convention (if it’s a particularly big one). Then there’s the whole problem of parking and watching over any kids and family you might be dragging along because they’re also curious about the latest goings on in gaming, and the costs of feeding and accommodating them too.

But, hope isn’t lost and with a little advance planning and mental technique, you can go to your next gaming convention to relax and really enjoy the sights that are packed into all the various high tech custom exhibits scattered about the event hall. And you can do this without ever once feeling like a dose of HULK SMASH mode!

Plan Ahead

The obvious starting point for a peaceful trip is way before the gaming convention begins. This means knowing where and when you want to go in advance, maybe as many as several months in advance and reserving everything you can reserve then. Buy your event tickets as soon as they become available; reserve hotel space at least a couple of weeks before the event itself, and research the city or area the event is going to be in well in advance and plan according to what you learn.

This will let you find a decent hotel at a decent price and in a convenient location long before the bustle of new visitors makes getting reservations harder to pull off. Also, because you did your homework and found that conveniently placed hotel, you can plan out an easy way to reach the games convention hall without worrying about parking your car or rental somewhere expensive all the time.

Budget Ahead

Having planned everything ahead, you can also budget quite a lot in advance. With your convention costs and hotel fees nailed down beforehand, you should set out a daily eating and buying budget that you can save for and stick to. This way, there won’t be any heavy financial frustration at the end of your gaming convention because you’ll know that you spent only the money that you’d already planned on spending. And if you do go a bit over budget anyhow, it will still be a lot better than running into the games event with no budget plan at all.

Practice Strategic Timing

So you’re already booked into a hotel (unless the game event is happening right in your own city, in which case, awesome luck!) you’ve got your daily commute to the convention neatly planned and you’ve got a nice budget to stick to. Now, you need to apply some strategic timing for how you attend each day.

More likely than not, the earlier you get there each day; the quieter it’s going to be. So try to aim for a morning start to exploration. You’ll still hit the afternoon crowds if you do this and that’s unavoidable, but at least you’ll probably get at least a few hours of breathing space while you checkout all the tech displays each day.

If you’re planning on going to specific events in the gaming convention, plan for them too; find out at what time they start and set aside a nice early time to get in line and be one of the first to enter in advance.

Follow some of the above tips and your next game convention, no matter how busy, will be way more fun than the circus it can easily turn out to be.

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