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Live Stream of “The Last of Us” Demo Impressions

I wanted to let everyone know that I did in fact pre-order God of War: Ascension and will be doing a live stream of the “The Last of Us” Demo tonight at 7:30pm PST. Feel free to come by and check it out. Keep in mind this is indeed my first time streaming to youtube so it may not be perfect but I hope it goes well. Please leave any comments either here or on the stream itself (which can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vorp7RsOOU) and let me know of any feedback or criticism you may have. Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing you all later!

Updated Impressions

We here at Gamersciz decided to take on the demo for “The Last of Us” live for our first time playthrough. I have to say that the game, even on normal, has a learning curve but once you get better you realize just how impressive and fun this game can be. I didn’t explore as much as I may have liked but since it was my first playthrough I wasn’t sure how long the game demo was or what might jump out at me. However, I did explore a little and the inventory system seems very robust but simple enough to use. It’s going to take a few times playing through the demo and what not to get the hang of all that I can do with the inventory system but the tutorials are quick and easy enough to follow.

The demo starts out in the rain with impressive graphics, amazing ambient sound, and fluid animations/controls. One thing I noticed right away is how the game feels like Uncharted except much heavier and slower but not too heavy or slow. At one point I learned how to sprint and I noticed it really didn’t look like that much of an increase in speed from the regular movement. It does help get away from enemies though. Anyways, after the rain we get stuck trying to get downtown and have to find a way around. Of course there is a building that we can go through but you can only guess “danger” lies ahead. However, for this demo their is really only one main sequence in which there are enemies to fight but wow are they hard.

To start the infected humans move fast and will try and bite you to infect you (typical zombie move). Also, since they are in the first stage of infection they can still see just fine, unlike the clickers. In the fight sequence you have the ability to go in guns blazing or be sneaky and try and get as many stealth kills as you can. I tried to do a mixture and died plenty before I found a pipe that I could use to help take down infected humans. However clickers don’t go down with melee, not even a pipe (not easily at least). So I saved my ammunition to shoot the clicker alone and tried to save him for last.

All in all, I have already pre-ordered the game from my local gamestop and paid for it in full so I plan to do another livestream event (and take the next day off work) assuming that my gamestop does a midnight launch. I will have more details on that soon. Be sure to follow the facebook and twitter to find out specifics. If you want to pre-order the “The Last of Us” check out the images below to Amazon and Gamestop respectively.





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