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PS4 vs. Xbox One

This coming Christmas sees the release of two next generation consoles from gaming titans Sony and Microsoft. As their respective release dates grow ever closer who is winning the specs war and more importantly, which console will eventually prevail as this years big success?

Playstation 4 Camera and Xbox Kinect

Retailing at $399.99 the PS4 is the best deal of the two consoles although the Playstation doesn’t include their new Playstation Camera which is similar to Microsoft’s very successful Kinect which comes bundled with the Xbox One for the price of $499. The Playstation Camera will set you back an additional $59.99 on top of the price of console but it’s definitely worth investing in to make the most of the unique features that come with adding the camera.

Processing Power

When it comes to the processing power of the two consoles they are both more or less on an even keel. However, the PS4 is slightly more powerful than the Xbox One with its superior number of cores. This difference may be difficult to notice though and would only be apparent if gamers were to play the exact same game at the same time and compare side-by-side.

Both consoles also carry the same amount of RAM (8GB) but PS4 wins again with it’s faster GDDR5 versus GDDR3 in the Xbox One.


Both Sony and Microsoft have stuck to familiar territory with the controllers. This will be music to the ears of gamers as many are already used to the feel and location of different triggers from previous generation controllers. Microsoft have updated the D-Pad and thumb stick and have also slightly bulked up the look and feel. Sony have integrated some nice new features while keeping it consistent. Playstation Move has now been integrated into the controller and in the centre the start and back buttons have been replaced with a new trackpad which will introduce a whole new way of exploring games. The new DualShock controller is also more rounded and tends to fit in the much hand easier allowing for longer periods of gameplay without getting cramped hands!

Media Centre

Previous generation consoles the PS3 and Xbox 360 introduced a whole range of media features to allow gamers to not only use their consoles for gaming but for all their media too such as streaming tv, watching movies and listening to music. With the new generation both sides seem to have stepped this up a notch or two. Playstation’s biggest innovation in this area is the addition of the Playstation Camera. Off the back of the Xbox Kinect and the additional features it introduced to gamers Sony decided it should follow suit. The Xbox One also comes with an integrated Blu-ray player this time around. Something that was badly missing from the 360 and Playstation fans loved to gloat about having.

All things considered, only gamers themselves can decide which console they prefer with many have an allegiance to one or the other. The two consoles are so similar to each other in terms of specification only exclusive games, price and availability come release date may sway the decision of which console to go for. How do you think the console war will be won or lost in the coming months?


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