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PSN Is Down…So What?

As of right now the PSN is still down and it has not yet been determined when it will be back up. Sony has told us that full restoration should be by May 31st but that the ability to game online should come before that. However there is no official date as to when that might happen.

Regardless, in this gamer’s opinion I feel I don’t have that much reason to be upset. What exactly should I be upset about? Is it the fact that I can’t play online with my Playstation 3 or is it even more so that I can’t try out any new demos or download any new cool themes.  Honestly, being without PSN this long has taught me something. It’s taught me that with the Playstation brand specifically I didn’t game online until late in the PS2 era and I thoroughly enjoyed my original PS1. In fact how about a little history lesson.

The original Playstation launched in the US in 1994, 17 years ago.  Now we are onto the 3rd generation of the Playstation brand and online gaming seems to be the biggest sensation. Truthfully I blame FPS for our online obsession. As far as game consoles go, games like Halo and Socom have got us obsessed with online shooters albeit FPS or TPS. I don’t consider this a bad thing necessarily but it is kind of sad how much we rely on online gaming nowadays. Games that don’t support online play, such as God of War 3, right away people stereotype the game and judge it before we even play it. Some games have actually been “canceled” or at the very least put on hold simply because they have no online feature. It’s like online is a requirement nowadays just so we have a reason to keep playing the game.

Now I don’t know about you but a game that I could play over and over again is Mario, the original NES version. The reason is because it was a long, fun, addicting game. There was no online or multiplayer, but there was co-op which is actually lagging today but that’s another story.  Mario had no enemy AI that “learned” and every sequence was the exact same every time. That didn’t stop us from loving the game. My point is, is that games used to be re-playable simply because of the fun factor but nowadays it seems we “need” a reason to play a game. With the library of games being ten-fold the size it was from when Mario came out it is hard to imagine that we really can’t find joy in a single game for a long time without multiplayer.

Recently I purchased Motorstorm: Apocalypse and will be writing a review later on after I finish it. For now I am just enjoying the craziness that the levels have and I am simply enjoying the Festival/Single player mode of the game.  Part of this is because online is down but the other part is because of all the past Motorstorm games I have tried to get gold in every race in the festival mode. I am not trying to do this for trophies or to show to my friends online. Rather I want to do this because it is a fun carefree challenge I can pursue on my own.  That’s what gaming is about, or used to be about. Beating a game for the sheer joy of it and yes telling your friends from time to time but you didn’t have to play online to keep your interest up.

Again this is all just my opinion but what do you guys feel? Are you happy with what gaming is today and how much we rely on online or do you miss playing an engulfing singe player experience with a good story line and engaging characters? Leave a comment and tell us if you’re happy with gaming today.


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