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R4 Cards: A Catalyst Enhancing Your Console Gaming Adventure

R4 Cards: A Catalyst Enhancing Your Console Gaming Adventure

Console games since their evolution have always been high on trend among a huge mass of people. The addictive games, the adrenaline pumping moves, the thrilling experience and the never ending fun just keep you simply glued over your gaming seat. Isn’t it? There’s no shortage of games for a hardcore gamer. Indeed they can be accessed anywhere, either you are at home, at your work or on the move.


Console games are not meant just for gaming any more. You can have a lot more from these gaming sources of the new era. You can conveniently download a movie for instance or you can play the music. If that’s not enough then you can even get some add-ons for your device to install various entertaining aspects as per your needs. Believe it; most of them are available for free!

There are times when you find problems encountering with your console devices whether you are busy with your favorite game or an online audio.   Doesn’t this create a sense of irritation in your mind? Of course, you reach out for a proper solution to fix your problem may be sometimes to alter the software or sometimes to alter the entire console. However, sometimes spending pennies upon such solutions doesn’t prove out to be affordable.

Fortunately, some prominent solutions to deal with such issues have already been developed much earlier. R4i 3DS is among one of them. This has been a better alternative for a flash card which was earlier in high use. With the gradual increase in time, various versions of R4i card slots have been designed. It means that you have the options to choose the card as per your console.

What Exactly Is An R4i Card?

This is a storage device which stores the data including images, text files, audios, videos and other sorts of games.  It helps to enhance the memory and storage capacity of consoles. To be more precise, the files being installed in your console runs directly from these card slots. Thus, the main memory of your console remains free, allowing you to install more number of files very conveniently. Additionally, the card slot has been designed extremely user friendly. Hence operating your console with an installed R4i card won’t be a fuss.

The ArchitectureR4_2

R4i cards have been uniformly designed to support Micro SD portability. This in turn also integrates the storage capacity of your console device. No matter whether you are a frequent player or just a beginner, you can be free from the panics of memory issue. In addition, this card slot is also available with various memory capacities which range from 2 GB to a maximum of 32 GB or even more than that.

The Source-

R4i basically comes from the Nintendo family, a brand well renowned worldwide for its incredible ranges of gaming products. As far as R4i is concerned, Nintendo has developed various versions of this slot. Some of them include- r4i sdhc, r4i sdhc 3ds card, r4 for 3ds, r4dsi, wood r4 and many more. Every new R4 card slot is an updated version of its previous R4 card.

Features and Affordability-

These cards have been designed with various features and specifications. Other than enhancing the memory capacity of the console, they are also featured with ready to use options. Apparently, you can start using them as soon as they are installed in your console. The next feature is concerned with its durability where it hits the gong again. R4 has always been an unrivalled slot card in terms of its long service.

Precautionary Steps-

Every branded product has two aspects; either it’s real or its fake. Let’s face it. It’s truly hard to determine the authenticity of the product in today’s era. This is a fact that R4 has managed to achieve its popularity in the gaming world. However at the same time, many fake R4i cards are also available online at highly cheap rates. It is therefore recommended to be completely convinced before making a final deal. After all, it’s about your gaming.

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