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Review Guidelines

Review Process

Each review is based on a 1-10 scale at .1 increments. This is done because when using whole numbers, two games that are a 9 are by no means equal. So rather then using whole numbers we like to use a .1 scale such as 9.1, 7.4 and so forth. This helps delineate the slight differences that makes some games just slightly better or worse then others.

Written Reviews

  • We here at Gamersciz have decided that rather then break game reviews into certain criteria, instead we are going to simply say what we like and disliked about the game.
  • However, just because one game may have 4 likes and 3 dislikes doesn’t mean it’s going to get just above a 5.0 rating. The items that are liked and disliked will have a different “weight” to them based on what the author feels.

Video Reviews

  • Much like written reviews this will be a very similar process in that it will talk about what we liked and disliked about the game. However the large difference with video reviews is we will go a bit more in depth and be able to show with actual gameplay footage why we liked or disliked something.
  • We just recently started video reviews and would love to hear feedback on what you think. Feel free to post a comment on any video review on youtube or on our written reviews on our site.

Thanks for checking us out and remember if you want to be a part of Gamersciz and write reviews/previews and such then either Contact Us or check out the Write for Us page.

*Disclaimer: All reviews are opinion based, because after all that’s what a review is. If you or anyone you know happen to disagree then feel free to do so. I am by no means saying my opinion is right but it is in fact my opinion. Feel free to comment on any review or contact me and let me know your opinion on the game.