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Motorstorm: Apocalypse Review



Release Date: May 3, 2011
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8.7/ 10

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Graphics and gameplay will make this game be fun to watch and play.


The story is kind of weak and the camera angle is wonky at times.

Game Summary

Motorstorm Apocalypse is now the third game in the Motorstorm series. The first MotorStorm had us on the edge, literally, with cliff sides and a few variances in vehicles and terrain. The second one, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, brought us to an island of paradise where trees were not your friend. Well this third game has us in a city with a ton of new vehicle types but not many large variances in terrain. This game looks like Motorstorm but it doesn’t really feel like it anymore.

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*Note this is the old type of review with criteria

Motorstorm Apocalypse is now the third game in the Motorstorm series. The first MotorStorm had us on the edge, literally, with cliff sides and a few variances in vehicles and terrain. The second one, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, brought us to an island of paradise where trees were not your friend.  Well this third game has us in a city with a ton of new vehicle types but not many large variances in terrain. This game looks like Motorstorm but it doesn’t really feel like it anymore.


The original Motorstorm was supposed to be a direct launch title for the PS3 but instead it came out shortly after the launch. However it showcased some impressive graphics and was one of the first console games to use the Havok physics engine and show off some truly next gen type of stuff. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift gave us even more beautiful graphics showing amazing water physics and rendering as well as luscious trees and jungle type of areas.  Well Motorstorm: Apocalypse follows the same path and once again has some amazing graphical features. However in this installment the graphics is not so much of everything looking beautiful but more so everything that is going on at once. While driving you will see objects flying around, paper flying through the air, buildings collapsing, and of course cars crashing.  All of this is happening around you the whole time without but a hiccup here or there in the frame rate. All in all the graphics in this one you can tell really push the PS3 simply with the amount of things interacting with each other on screen at all times. Not to mention this is all rendered beautifully in 3D. Having dirt, water, and random pieces of buildings and debris and car parts flying at your face, makes for one wild ride.



Let me start by saying that gameplay wise this is very different from the other two Motorstorm games. This game is the craziest and also most difficult of all them. I say that because everything has changed which is why I question if it feels like Motorstorm anymore. Some big gameplay features that were added was the ability to cool your engine by letting off the gas in midair. This is incredibly useful considering taking jumps is usually slower then staying on flat ground. So it is very strategical to take the jump when necessary in order to cool your engine to use your boost again. Another welcomed feature is not necessarily an addition to gameplay but rather your HUD. In MS: Apocalypse you when you press pause you can easily use R1 and L1 to change the choice of music, as well as take a photo at resolutions greater then 1080p. Not to mention while playing the game if you do something that is work towards a trophy then a little menu pops up on the bottom showing the number you have out of the total number needed as well as the % of the trophy finished. For example one trophy is to take out 10 people using L1/R1 to knock a vehicle out the way. While doing so you will see on the bottom how close you are to finishing that trophy. This is something that should be in EVERY game as it is very appreciative to know just how far you are along with the trophies. Another small addition is the Motorstorm Cards. These are hidden items within every level, totaling to 150. I found most of mine simply on accident by taking a new path and often times crashing, which happens a lot in this one, crashing that is.  The AI is very random. At times they will be incredibly smart and gang up and take you out and at other times they will barely notice you are there. One thing to note is that from the original Motorstorm to this installment gameplay wise very few if any features have ever been subtracted but many have been added from game to game.


Let’s start by saying that not many racing games have very engaging stories and in this case that hasn’t really changed. Not that the story is bad but the motion comic cutscenes don’t exactly grab your attention and hold it. The story is also broken up into three side stories. Each story represents a difficulty. In the beginning you start off as Mash, a newbie, and you just do some simple races to earn your right into the Motorstorm group.  Next story is you playing as a guy named “Ty”. Now Ty is known around Motorstorm as a heartthrob who doesn’t like to lose and isn’t afraid of a fight. Being the next difficulty up the races have gotten a bit harder the story is much more dramatic. The last story has you playing as Big Dog, the head honcho of the Motorstorm crowd. His storyline is even more dramatic and the races are very difficult. The only other addition to the storyline is that each race is showing the landscape crumble around you more and more. Not to mention at the end of each mini-campaign there is a race that is more like a boss fight kind of race. This is a nice feature to add to the story line but it’s still just not very engaging.



I wanted to have a separate excerpt to talk about the controls considering how much they have changed. From Motorstorm to Pacific Rift the controls differed a little but there wasn’t a significant change. By adding new vehicles and new terrain the controls were naturally going to change some. However in this third installment the controls, camera, and just overall gameplay is vastly different in comparison to the other two. To start the controls for each car is very unique and often times difficult. The camera angle change doesn’t help either. When making a turn the camera angle will stay static for a moment and screw up your overall point of view to see where you are actually facing. This is very noticeable when driving a superbike considering how agile and how fast they are. The camera angle is also affected by when you boost it keeps it static as well even when trying to turn while boosting. To me this is an interesting idea but it just doesn’t work with the windiness within the race tracks. So many twists and turns and jumps that one wrong move can cost you the race. Not to mention in this game you crash, a lot. I don’t care how good you think you are or were at MS or Pacific Rift. These controls combined with the wonky camera angle and mayhem on the race tracks makes for a very difficult but sometimes entertaining game.  Simply put the controls were fine before so why change them so drastically?



I have been an avid gamer all my life ever since the Atari days. I enjoy most genres and especially love a good story. I built this to be for gamers and by gamers.