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Resistance 3 Review



Release Date: September 6, 2011
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8.9/ 10

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Fun gameplay featuring some new weapons and enemies. Story is much better then 2nd installment.


Even on hard mode the game can be beat pretty quickly. Repetitive at times.

Posted October 30, 2012 by

*Note: This is the old type of review with criteria

Resistance 3 is the third installment in the Resistance franchise that seemingly promised a better experience then Resistance 2. Right away this can be seen with the improved visuals and overall story line not playing as Nathan Hale but instead we take the role of Joe Capelli (Nathan’s killer at the end of R2). This is a fresh view on the whole Chimeran attack and it is a nice one. While the story still wasn’t amazing, it did have more emotion and more drive then Resistance 2. Read on to see the full review of Resistance 3, exclusively for PS3.



From Resistance 2 to Resistance the gameplay changed pretty drastically, especially when Nathan Hale got “super powers”. The aiming felt different and more fast paced in R2. For Resistance 3 the aiming felt like a mix between R2 and R1. Truthfully it was pretty well balanced and the guns felt heavier and more realistic then before. The issue I have with the gameplay is that too many times R3 tries and be more of a open world type of game. A few levels in particular have you go from point A to point B but how you get there is up to you. While this would normally be fine, it’s not that much fun when you have hordes of Chimerans running at you constantly, respawning all the time. The problem is that there is an indicator at times pointing you in the general right direction but for some reason with this level specifically, the indicator never showed up until you were going the right way exactly. So it was frustrating rather then “challenging”. Like I said, this happened a few times and while it was a nice thought, it just wasn’t done overly well. However, some new weapons were added that made the gameplay a bit more dynamic and fun. There is one weapon that can essentially shoot the Chimeran virus onto humans. The other new weapon actually freezes people in place. And the last weapon is very similar to a weapon in Killzone 2. It is a weapon that shoots out an electric charge but this one does have limited ammo unlike that in Killzone 2. Overall the gameaply was better then R2 but still just didn’t feel as good as the original. Check out the video below to see all the weapons in R3.


From Resistance 1 to Resistance 3 the graphics have improved from overall character designs, weapon designs, and the environments which have changed the most. Resistance 1 looked great for being an early on PS3 exclusive but the environments were kind of lacking. Resistance 2 improved upon the environments and characters a little bit but still not to the extent of R3. Resistance 3 really went above and beyond adding some destruction to environments that changed the gameplay dynamic as well as adding highly detailed redesigned weapons. Even in multiplayer the graphics seem better in R3 then it’s predecessors. Environments and characters alike. Also, there was never really any slow down and the gameplay was smooth regardless of how many explosions were happening. Overall the graphics were bar none the best of the Resistance series but still not quite up there with the likes of Killzone 3.


Resistance 3 picks up pretty much where Resistance 2 left off. That is, Nathan Hale is dead and Joe Capelli is to blame. The problem is that even though Nathan was “turning” at the end of R2 it was more or less by choice considering if you remember from Resistance 1 is that he was one of the few immune to the Chimeran virus. This is significant because his blood is key to finding a cure. With this being the case, Joe is now known as killing a war hero. The beginning shows us that the Chimeran have taken over all over the world and the remaining humans, the resistance (such a Terminator feeling here) are taking refuge in underground areas to remain safe and hidden. With that in mind we learn that early on Joe is pretty much forced to leave his Wife and son to try and take out the main tower of the Chimera from the inside. While the task sounds near impossible, Joe knows it’s his only chance to save everyone including his family. Throughout the game you seem to encounter one problem after the next. Things never really go right for Joe until the very end. Overall the story is not bad but still not as good as Resistance 1. Their was more emotion and action but you can’t help to feel that the story is more about Joe and his family rather then the Chimera and the war.


Insomniac has always been known to be very creative and their Resistance franchise doesn’t sell them short. The sound in this game is eerie and somewhat scary at times. That is the case when you have the zombie-like chimeran creatures who run at you in hordes screaming. However sound plays a key role in the game since it is a bit more stealthy. By listening you can tell which creature is near and just how close they are. The ambient sounds are done very well and it’s definitely got surround sound as you can hear all around you and depict where some creatures are or aren’t. Joe’s voice is done by Robert Atkin Downes who has been doing voice overs for quite some time as well as some acting in front of the camera. He does a great job at capturing emotion whether its sadness, anger, or sheer excitement. Overall the sound is something to boast about.


While Resistance 2 multiplayer had an insane 60 people on a map at once, R3 learned from that and simplified it back down to a still respectable 16-person match. This may seem like a small number but due to the added abilities/perks and the overall map design, this works out really well. Instead of a crazy number of people and total chaos, R3 multiplayer is more up close and personal but in a good way. I do still miss the main difference of humans vs chimera. That is from the original Resistance game there were advantages and disadvantages of being Chimera or Human. Chimera had the ability to, for a short time, run fast and see through walls but doing so made their health drop fast and head shots were an instant kill. Humans had a radar that would always have the Chimeran on it once seen by one of the humans. So it was well balanced. Now with R3 we have a slight modification of what R2 with beserks/perks and it seems to be work out better with the less amount of players. An interesting note is that R1 had 40 players, R2 had 60 and now R3 only has 16 but still it is more balanced then R2. I still feel R1 had the best balance but that’s debatable.
One large downside is the online pass but it seems to be more and more of a common thing now with online games.


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