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Twisted Metal Review



Release Date: February 14, 2012
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8.4/ 10

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Fun addictive gameplay that keeps you entertained for hours. Plus lots of diverse weapons and strategy.


Online community isn't as strong as the older Twisted Metals. Not being able to go through each character story is a bit disappointing.

Posted October 30, 2012 by

*Note: This is the old type of review with criteria

Twisted Metal was originally created in 1995 by SingleTrac for the Playstation. In 1996 a PC version came out and allowed multiplayer over a modem line or internet.  Twisted Metal 3 and 4, which came out in 1998 and 1999 respectively, were handed over to 989 studios (Sony’s in-house development studio at the time). This provided a challenge as SingleTrac had rights to the engine they created so 989 had to build a new one from scratch and in doing so they added advanced physics and AI which really pushed the series over the edge. This was the time that David Jaffe himself began working on the game. In speaking about the first two games in the series, Jaffe reportedly  said, “….[in and of themselves] they’re good games, they’re just not good Twisted Metal games.” In 2001 Twisted Metal: Black was released for the PS2. What a lot of people didn’t know was that a bunch of SingleTrac employees left the company earlier and created the new studio Incognito Entertainment and then signed on with Sony right away. Because of this move, 989 and Incognito worked together on Twisted Metal: Black which is why it is known as one of, if not the best in the series. Below you can find the review of Twisted Metal for PS3.


For those of you who have played Twisted Metal for awhile, the controls might still seem a bit odd at first. This is simply because the Dualshock 3 has a ton more options/buttons then the original Playstation controller. However once I got the hang of it again, playing with classic controls really help made me feel like I was playing the old-school Twisted Metal with a new look. Not all of the vehicles of the past are back but a lot of the main notable ones are. One in particular that is back via an unlockable or right away with DLC is Axel. As far as weapons and capabilities it plays out pretty similar to past entries however it seems this go around they made an emphasis on using the special as much as possible. Regular weapons just seem weaker then they did before. It’s probably more of a balancing issue but even still it was a little bothersome.


While the older games in the series were on the PS1 and PS2, graphics were never a big thing for Twisted Metal. It was more about impressive AI and physics which was added around Twisted Metal 3. Now we are in the “graphics-whore era” or so it seems. Some people will play a game simply for it’s good graphics no matter how lacking the gameplay is. Thankfully for Twisted Metal on PS3 the graphics are not lacking and nor is the gameplay. Since you have vehicles strapped with explosive weapons and rockets and such you would hope that not a lot of the environment will get in your way. Well, it doesn’t as most houses and even some buildings can be destroyed inside and out. Compared to other entries in the series this Twisted Metal went above and beyond when it comes to total chaos and destruction. Another little thing that some might not notice is that when your car is getting lower on health you will see it looking more damaged. Albeit just a bumper kind of hanging off to actually not handling as well as it should and having the paint be all scratched up. Graphically, Twisted Metal does not disappoint especially considering it isn’t going for pure realism but rather an arcade style with some realistic tendencies.


The story of Twisted Metal was a bit different from past games in the series. Instead of having a character be specific to a car and each with their own story…we had 3 main character groups with 3 stories, one for each. In the beginning it felt a little weird to be Mr. Grimm or Dollface and driving Sweet Tooth’s vehicle but you get used to it pretty fast. Regardless, when it comes to the story, of the 3 Sweet Tooth’s was by far the best overall. This go around the cutscenes were all live action with a very abstract dramatic feel but still realistic looking enough to be scary.  Without giving away too much information and possibly spoilers I can safely say that Mr. Grimm’s and Dollface’s stories weren’t nearly as strong as Sweet Tooth but compared to recent entries in the series the stories were very detailed. It is nice to learn all about why they joined Twisted Metal and what their “wish” is.


Twisted Metal has always been known to have some very high intensity music as far as sound track goes. This version is no different but with new characters comes new voices and personalities. While in the old Twisted Metals we had some very iconic characters that kept making returns, this one only has a few to note that are from the “old school”. Be that as it may, the sound of the vehicles and weapons are good and entertaining at that same time. Considering some weapons might involved throwing a person on a gurney with explosive towards a vehicle. What’s not fun about that…


The single player may be three whole in depth stories but they are three pretty easy and quickly beatable stories. This leaves you wanting more since it may only last a few hours to beat the whole singe player campaign. Thankfully Eat, Sleep, Play has given us multiplayer that will keep you going for hours on end. A bunch of new modes have been added such as, the famous Nuke Mode. This mode is like a capture the flag mode but instead of just capturing something you actually capture someone. You have to capture the opposing team’s team leader and then sacrifice them to a missile launcher in order to launch a missile at the opposing teams large statue. The catch is that it is very much a team effort to capture the team leader, then sacrifice it to the missile launcher, and then have someone guide the missile appropriately while the other team can actually shoot down the missile. All of this makes for some chaotic yet quite fun gameplay mechanics and strategies. Along with the new mode are the same modes of old such as, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Endurance, Team “Hunted”, Race, and Last Man Standing. So as one might be able to tell is that Twisted Metal is very strong on the multiplayer side of things. This is where it really shines and will continue to do so considering how large of a community enjoys the series.


I have been an avid gamer all my life ever since the Atari days. I enjoy most genres and especially love a good story. I built this to be for gamers and by gamers.