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TF2 Releasing “Meet the Pyro” – Finally… (Update – Day 3)

It’s been about a year or so since the last “Meet the” video was made by the infamous team known as Valve. The last video was “Meet the Medic” back in June 2011. However, just recently we have been teased about the last and final “Meet the Pyro” video. As of right now there is simply a count down showcasing the 3 days before the anticipated release of the video. Each day, just like Valve likes to tease, we are being brought more and more information. On day 1 we have learned that there will be a new map and game mode called”Doomsday” (click the link to find out all about it). On day 2 we have yet to learn what will be released, but what has changed on the countdown so far is the background behind has changed from a dull grey to a faded picture of the pyro holding the new “Scorch Shot“. One can probably assume this is going to be a new weapon from the workshop to be carried over into the game if Valve is already showing the pyro holding it ever so eloquently. Unfortunately, with under 24 hours remaining on the countdown clock we have still yet to see what Day 2 has to offer us. Stay tuned as we will update this post with the latest information on Pyromania!

*Click on the banana at the bottom of the Pyromania page to see some hidden documents.


Valve has just released Day 2 information. The background picture behind the countdown timer has once again changed but this time it’s showing the Scorch shot hitting a scout. Along with this we are introduced to the new page titled “City of Fire“. This page introduces us to a slew of updates for more then just the pyro class. The image below is taken from the “Meet the Pyro” video as seen in the bottom left corner.

*Again be sure to click on the bottom right this time to find out more information about the “Soldier’s Home“.


The countdown is finally over and we are treated to the “Meet the Pyro” video finally.

Along with the update we are now introduced to the “Source Filmmaker“.

You need STEAM in order to run it. But if you do have STEAM then be sure to sign up for a Beta Key.

According to Valve the 3rd dial is going to show all the new Pyro weapons but they don’t want to release it (due to spoiler possibilities) until they release the update itself later today. So stay tuned and we will let you know as soon as possible when the update is live!

****UPDATE 4

The 3rd and final dial has been unlocked and showcases all the brand new Pyro weapons. Welcome to Pyroland!



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