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The Playstation 4: A Slice of Heaven?

Man…if the 8 year old me could see what I’ve just seen, I believe his head would have exploded.  If you’re tapped into the world of gaming, then you probably know what I am talking about.  If not, then let me explanation what I’m going on about.

Back in the mid 80’s, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) burst onto the gaming scene and transformed what players previously knew about gaming. With one push of the Power button, all of the previous consoles were made obsolete. And why wouldn’t they be?  The graphics were amazing, and the music and sounds added a sense of realism to game play.

Here Comes the PS4

So, you’ve plugged in your controller and are scooting your character through 8 levels of amazing. Facing the final boss, you pull off an outstanding move that destroys the boss in one strike. On top of that, his death throes are so funny that you’ve got to tell somebody. Then, you wait until Monday morning when you finally get to tell your friends your amazing and hilarious accomplishment. Thing is, they don’t believe you. We’ve all been in that boat before, right? You can’t provide a picture, which proves your skill at the game invisible. Gamers these days don’t have that issue. With this year’s launch of the Playstation 4, the world of gaming could change drastically.

The primary change here is Sony’s advanced social gaming technology. Let’s revisit that game you were playing for a minute:  That fireball you just launched is white hot and barreling straight at the boss’s head. He shoots an equally impressive fireball at you. The force of your shot is stronger and splices his shot. Here’s the part that’s so funny…three fireballs are now headed at the boss to hammer that final nail. This is the type of thing your friends want to see. Playstation 4 can now make that happen.

Sharing is Caring

The addition of a “Share” button on the PS4 controller allows players to take live video of the game they are playing and share it with whomever they choose on UStream, YouTube, or Facebook. If it’s an outstanding feat or something so funny that you’re busting a kidney laughing others will see it.

Awesome, right? Well, remember what I said about drastically changing the gaming world? I didn’t say it was all positive.

Breach in Sector 7

The potential for security issues is definitely there. If you know your Sony history, you’re aware of the security breaches that have occurred. The PS4 will operate in a Cloud-based system in which all gamer data will be stored. Everything  your contact info, friends lists, games you’re playing, games you want to play, videos you’ve shared. Who knows what else will be made available. 

And that’s the problem. It’s one thing to vow to protect player’s information. According to Sony reps though, these features may not even make it onto the holiday launch.

So, where does that leave gamers?  On one hand, you have the potential for massive and damaging security breaches. On the other hand, you have an amazing new gaming system that is completely interactive and brings players inside the game. You can actually take your game anywhere…pause your game at a tough spot, plug in the PS vita, boom.  Your game is transferred. Unpause and play on the go.

It’s a bit of a quandary.  As time goes by, the answers you need will be made clear.

Taylor Greer

Taylor is a freelance writer and gamer who lives in Kansas City.