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Updated Site Information and Upcoming Reviews

Hi everyone,

I wanted to update anyone who does currently check out this site on what has been going on and what will be coming in the future. A few things are changing but we hope it’s for the better.

Real quickly I wanted to let everyone know that I run this site alone and as a hobby on the side (which is why it’s not updated multiple times a day like larger journal sites). On top of that it was also started by me to try and help give the true “gamer’s opinion” vs. the paid journalist. In other words, I do all this free and while I have made some PR contacts, I don’t get any games for free (hopefully down the line I do though because getting games for free to play them would be awesome). That being said, I am trying to take this more seriously and that has included the following:

1. Youtube channel is sponsored by Machinima (I plan to get more unique/exclusive content up in the future rather then just trailers)
2. When I started this site I was over ambitious and realized it’s hard to work full time, have a social life, and run a content-heavy gaming blog/site.
3. By learning from trial and error some changes are going to be made to the site.


1. Unfortunately due to time constraints the “podcast episodes” will be postponed indefinitely.
2. The original plan was to have a “points” system implemented that would result in users being entered into giveaway contests. This too will probably not happen as right now it’s just not practical. However, in the future this could definitely be possible and I promise to keep you up to date.
3. Review process is changing (for the better that is). Reviews will vary in length as always however instead of basing each game off of the same criteria (currently “gameplay, graphics, design, sound, and replayability) each game will simply be broken down into what “we liked” and what “we disliked” with a final score of 1-10 at .1 increments. We think this will help give a more well rounded opinion rather then forcing each game into the same criteria. Plus rather then doing an even 1-10 score we want to show that some game might be better then another so an 8.7 is just slightly better then an 8.6 as an example.


Coming in the near future is the reviews for God of War: Ascension and Tomb Raider 2013. I recently purchased the Blue Yeti in order to have professional sounding audio. This in turn is what will bring about my first 2 video reviews for my youtube channel so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe.

That is all for now. Keep in mind we are always welcome to guest posts, just contact me through the “Write for Us” page.


I have been an avid gamer all my life ever since the Atari days. I enjoy most genres and especially love a good story. I built this to be for gamers and by gamers.